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Editorial Policies

Publication ethics and malpractice statement for the journal

Medicine & Health (Online ISSN e-2289-5728) strictly follows the best practices on all matters related to ethics and retractions. The Editorial Board of the journal does not accept plagiarism in any form. Authors submitting their manuscripts are advised to screen their work through plagiarism checker/software to avoid any embarrassment.

The journal follows the COPE Code of Conduct for Journal Editors ( and code of conduct for journal publishers (

The journal strictly follows the follows the ICMJE’s recommendations for the conduct, reporting, editing and publication of scholarly work in medical journals (

Plagiarism prevention

Plagiarism is considered to be a serious offence and if detected, the manuscript is rejected. All submitted manuscripts are screened through 'Turnitin' software for overlapping and similarity in the text. The journal does not accept manuscripts which has text similar to published literature. Authors are advised to comply, accordingly.


It is pertinent to mention the following duties of Editor-in-Chief, authors and reviewers

Duties of Editor-in-Chief

1.    The Editor-in-Chief may decide or accept or reject an article entirely based on the input by reviewers and the editorial board members. 

2.    The Editor-in-Chief assigns at least two independent blind reviewers for reviewing the manuscript.

3.    No biased decisions are taken to accept or reject any manuscript. The Editor-in-Chief does not weigh race, gender, sex, ethnicity, country of origin and religion for considering any manuscript. All informations are kept strictly confidential and not conveyed to reviewers and publishers.  

5.    The Editor-in-Chief of this Journal is not in a position to publish any content of the submitted manuscript without having written consent from the author.

6.    Wherever necessary, errata may be published to correct any facts and the Editor-in-Chief should be in a position to clarify, rectify, retract or apologise for any event.

7.    All experiments and procedures should comply with ethical guidelines. The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to reject any manuscript if proper ethical guidelines are not met.

8.   The Editor-in-Chief also makes sure that all conflict of interests, disclosures and funding are clearly stated. A signed copyright form is obtained from all authors when the manuscript is submitted.

9.   The Editor-in-Chief may take necessary actions if any malpractice is committed by the author. Usually, diciplinary actions are discussed in the editorial board meeting.

Duties of Authors

1.    Authors should strictly comply to the guidelines specified for the journal.

2.    Authors must declare that their work is original and not published elsewhere. All information regarding previous presentation of the work in conference should be clearly stated as a footnote.

3.    Authors may not submit the manuscript elsewhere. No duplicate publications are allowed.

4.     All authors should fulfill the criteria of authorship. Regarding role of authors and contributors the journal strictly follows the ICMJE rules (

5.    Data in the manuscript text should not be manipulated and the authors should be able to produce raw data to the journal’s office for cross verification. Authors should not manipulate any data related to the manuscript. 

6.    Authors should clearly state any conflicts of interest with companies and instituiton. Authors should clearly state the source of funding.

7.    Authors are required to submit the declaration form or else the manuscript may not be published.

8.  The journal does not support manuscripts written by ghost authors. If detected, necessary action may be taken.

              9.   Authors may respond to the review comments and submit the revision within stipulated time of one month.  In case, more time is needed, the authors may request for such well in advance.

Duties of Reviewers

1.    Reviewers should maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript and they are required not to disseminate the information present in the manuscript to others. 

2.    Reviewers must ensure that authors have properly acknowledged all involved organizations and institutions in the manuscript.

3.    Reviewers should accept or reject the manuscript with genuine critical comments. No biased and individual decisions should be given.

4.    If the reviewers detect any type of plagiarism, they should immediately alert the editor and editorial board.

5.    The reviewers should state clearly that they do not have any conflict of interest with regard to the work submitted by the authors or even any organizations or institutions.

6.    The reviewers should not hold the manuscript for longer duration beyond the permitted time for review. The reviewers should inform the Editor-in-Chief about any possible delay in reviewing the manuscript.