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Neuroprotective Potentials of Ocimum basilicum
Palm Tocotrienols and Glucocorticoid Induced Osteoporosis
Figure 1: Serum osteocalcin and Cross Linked C-Telopeptide of Type 1 Collagen (CTX). Data presented as mean + SEM. Same alphabets indicate significant difference between treatment groups at p<0.05. (Baseline=baseline control; SHAM=sham operated control; ADRX+Dex=adrenalectomized (ADRX) and given intramuscular dexamethasone 120 μg/kg/day (Dex); ADRX+Dex+TT=adrx given intramuscular DEX 120 μg/kg/day and oral palm tocotrienol 60 mg/kg/day)
Gelam Honey and Its Therapeutic Properties
Figure 1: a) whole plant of Gelam tree b) Gelam ‘papery’ and flaky bark c) leaves of Gelam tree d) brown capsules of Gelam fruits (Burkill 1993)
Honey: Food or Medicine?
Photoprotective Measures of Sunscreens
Figure 1: Example of Absorbance Profiles for Various Combinations of Test sample
Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Effects of C. Asiatica
Figure 1: The DPPH scavenging activity of CA extracts. Ascorbic acid and BHT were used as positive controls. Results were expressed as means ±SD (n=6).