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TGF-ß1 Polymorphism with Breast Density
External Marker in Bisecting-Angle-Technique
Figure 1: A working model used by students in this study. Noted here as well, a red rectangular sticker which was used as external marker in BAT-M.
TGF Promotes Chondrogenesis of BMSCs
Figure 1: A) Phase-contrast microscopic evaluation on BMSCs culture in media in vitro. Control group; BMSCs adhered fast and formed monolayer within 7 days of culture; B) formed dense monolayer cells after 3 weeks in culture. C) Test group BMSCs formed early cells aggregates at the first week of culture and; D) big cells aggregates can be seen at the end of third week. Magnification x 40.
Bacterial Endosymbiont of Acanthamoeba spp.
Adult Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination
Effects of Secretome from Dynamic 3D Cell Culture
Figure 1: Nasal fibroblast on various PolyGEM™ microcarriers. a) The cell distribution on various PolyGEM™ microcarriers with their nucleus stained with DAPI;
Psychiatric Morbidity After Miscarriage
Figure 1: Flow chart
Stigma and its Effect on Quality of Life among PLHIV
Figure 1: Correlation between overall stigma and overall QOL
Evaluation of Different Dyes for HPV16 LAMP
Figure 1: Naked eye visualisation of serial diluted HPV 16 using different fluorescent dyes. A) SYBR Green I, B) SYBR Safe, C) Calcein. N: Negative control; 1: 108 copies/μl; 2: 107 copies/μl; 3: 106 copies/μl; 4: 105 copies/μl; 5: 104 copies/μl; 6: 103 copies/μl; 7: 102 copies/μl; 8: 101 copies/μl.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Quality of Life
Figure 1: White cell count reduction throughout