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Case report

Any interesting case study highlighting new facts or diagnostic challenge may be submitted. It should have maximum of 1500 words with a maximum of 15 references. A maximum of TWO figures, TWO tables may be allowed
Unusual Variant of Sphenopalatine Foramen and Artery
Figure 1: Left nasal cavity with black arrow pointing at the left sphenopalatine artery. (MT: Middle turbinate; PC: Posterior choana; PMSW: Posterior maxillary sinus wall.
Co-infection with Dengue and Leptospirosis
Figure 1: Serial chest radiographs throughout hospital admission. Chest radiograph taken at Day 2 (A) showed bilateral perihilar haziness. Serial chest radiographs were taken at Day 5 (B), Day 8( C), Day 16 (D), Day 21 (E) and Day 22 (F) showed worsening opacities over both lung fields.
Missed Thoracic Fracture
Cooper, C., Dunham, C.M., Rodrigues, A. 1995. Falls and major injuries are risk factors for thoracolumbar fractures: cognitive impairment and multiple injuries impede the detection of back pain and tenderness. J Trauma 38(5): 692–6. Figure 1: Thoracic spine CT. Burst farcture at T7 (a). Compression fracture at T6 (b) and T8 (c) 130 Med & Health Jun 2017;12(1): 127-130 Amin O. et al. Hsu, J.M., Joseph, T., Ellis, A.M. 2003. Thoracolumbar fracture in blunt trauma patient: guidelines for diagnosis
Allergic Reaction to Clozapine
Urethral Masson’s Tumour
Figure 1: The lesion composed of a polypoidal mass that was lined by a hyperplastic urothelium, with rounded nests of urothelium forming glandular spaces in the stroma. The stroma contained many small blood vessels.
Scrotal Basal Cell Carcinoma
Figure 1: Scrotal lesion measuring 3cm x 4cm over the inferior part of the scrotum. It had pearly irregular borders and a central ulceration.
BCC from Epidermal Naevus
Figure 1: Ulcerated necrotic plaque (arrow) within a papular lesion in a linear distribution (arrowhead) over the left side of patient’s neck, with surrounding erythema.
Biclonal Gammopathy in Plasma Cell Myeloma
Figure 1: The blood film showed hypochromic microcytic anaemia with presence of rouleaux formation.
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
Orbital Cellulitis from Untreated Conjunctival Wound
Figure 1: Pictures of conjunctival necrotic tissue and pus collection a) Restriction of elevation b) Restriction of depression c) Restriction of adduction.