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Case report

Any interesting case study highlighting new facts or diagnostic challenge may be submitted. It should have maximum of 1500 words with a maximum of 15 references. A maximum of TWO figures, TWO tables may be allowed
Bilateral Brachymetatarsia
Figure 1: Clinical photograph of bilateral short fourth metatarsals. L: left; R: right; arrows showing affected fourth metatarsals.
Fatal Case of Inferior Epigastric Artery Injury
Figure 1: Encircled radio opaque area of the abdominal radiograph in supine position suggestive of rectus sheath hematoma.
Limb Salvage Surgery in Chronic Osteomyelitis
Figure 1: An axial cut of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) showing hyperintensesignal on the left tibia represent diffuse osteomyelitis.
Ocular Leptospirosis
Figure 1: Left upper eyelid swelling causing mechanical ptosis
Fish Bone Foreign Body Disease
Figure 1: Lateral cervical x-ray showing a small opacity at the prevertebral C3 level indicating a foreign body (a) There is a significant increase in prevertebral soft tissue thickness with large air pocket (b) and subcutaneous emphysema in the anterior of the neck (c).
Superior Vena Cava Syndrome
Challenges in Complex Polytrauma Management
Figure 1: 3D reconstruction of CT pelvis of the patient. Thin arrow indicates suprapubic cathether that was used to catheterize the bladder. Thick arrow indicates fracture of the pelvis.
ERD and FTMH as a Rare Complication of CRVO
Figure 1: Fundus photography at presentation showing dilated tortuous vessels (blue arrow) and extensive retinal hemorrhage (red arrow).
Hyperglycemia Induced Chorea
Spontaneous Closure of Macula Hole
Figure 1: SD-OCT of right full thickness macular hole at presentation. The poor image quality is due to cataract.