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Primary Adenocarcinoma of the Fallopian Tube Mimicking Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Case report



Primary fallopian tube carcinomas are rare and are difficult to diagnose preoperatively. We  describe  a  fallopian  tube  carcinoma  in  a  50-year-old  lady  who  presented  with symptoms  of  pelvic  inflammatory  disease.  Ultrasound  examination  showed  bilateral hydrosalphinx. However,  CT scan showed features suggestive of a malignant ovarian tumour.  At  surgery,  a  markedly  dilated  left  fallopian  tube  was  found  and histopathological  examination  confirmed  the  presence  of  a    primary  serous adenocarcinoma.  The  uterus  and  both  ovaries  were  free  of  tumour.  This  report highlights  that  carcinoma  of  the  fallopian  tube  should  be  considered  as  a  differential diagnosis in females who present with lower abdominal pain.